Europese collega aan het woord
Europese collega aan het woord: Per Wolfrum

In de rubriek ‘Europese collega aan het woord’, komt dit keer Per Wolfrum uit Duitsland aan het woord: 

Per woont in Berlijn en werkt als psycholoog in een therapeutische leefgemeenschap voor adolescenten. Daarnaast is hij supervisor in de jeugdzorg.

How long have you been working as a supervisor/coach?

I have been working as a supervisor since the beginning of my training in 2002

1.    What was/is meaningful to you in your education as a supervisor/coach?

Eric Emmanuel Schmidt's Monsieur Ibrahim says: "If you really want to learn something you do not pick up a book, but talk to someone."  For me, every conversation, every exchange of ideas, every encounter and the reflections over this are more important than lectures and books.

I have always appreciated these opportunities during my studies. That is why I enjoy the ANSE Summer University and the International Supervision groups so much. In that sense, my education is still going on.

2.    What is your theoretical frame of reference from which you work as a supervisor/coach?

During my studies in psychology my theoretical framework was influenced by the rise of solution-oriented short-term therapy. Later on I was much influenced by my training as a systemic family therapist. Until my supervision training, I have called myself an orthodox systemic working professional.

When I studied to become a supervisor I asked my supervisor and teacher again and again, whether the way I practised was really systemic.

At last she asked me (on edge):" Did it work?"

I answered: "Yes".

She replied: "Then it will probably have been systemic."

Therefore in this respect, I always try to act systemically.

3.    If you are familiar with the ECvision Glossary and Matrix: how does it influence or enhance your work as a supervisor/coach?

I'm sorry, I have to confess that I have not read the glossary and the matrix yet. But that question has finally led me to download it and I am planning to read it.

4.    Can you mention three criteria of which you believe an EU-supervisor/coach should comply?

What is an EU-Supervisor? In my opinion, a good supervisor should have an insatiable desire to broaden his/her horizon. He/she should follow the idea attributed to Blaise Pascal: "The universe is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere." As long as he or she knows that he or she, his or her home, his or her native language, his or her ideas or methods are not the centre of Europe, he or she will do a good job anywhere.

5.    How would you like to see supervision/coaching develop in Europe?

I wish that supervision / coaching ought to develop in such a manner that it contributes to make Europe even more as today a place for diversity, cooperation and peace.

Toelichting rubriek
Vanuit de CIC Commissie Internationale Contacten) hebben wij de rubriek ‘Europese collega aan het woord’ opgezet. Wij leggen collega- supervisoren en coaches in verschillende bij ANSE-aangesloten landen dezelfde vragen m.b.t. ons beroep. Zo hopen we een beeld te krijgen van hoe er dwars door Europa heen gedacht wordt over ons vak en de ontwikkelingen daarvan. Daarnaast krijgen we ook een kijkje in de verschillen en overeenkomsten als het gaat om opleiding, ervaring en werkveld. De interviews worden in het Engels uitgevoerd en weergegeven. Ons idee is om uiteindelijk een bundel samen te stellen van deze interviews die internationaal (via ANSE) zijn weg (terug) zal vinden naar onze collega's.